First, we would like to thank Caterpillar and everyone who made it out to the 2013 CAT Marketing Conference in New Orleans. It was great meeting new people and hanging out with some of our old friends. Lynn, Wendy, Iris, Laura, and I had an amazing time and really appreciate being involved.

There were many takeaways from the weekend but here are the top 3:

  1. Having more than one hurricane (to drink) is always a questionable endeavor.
  2. Bourbon Street is a truly unique place.

  3. Caterpillar dealers are not doing enough to market the service improvements that they are making.

Number three directly correlates with Lynn’s lecture entitled “Are You Marketing Your Service Brand?” Our clients are making improvements in their service product.  Now they need to start telling customers about these improvements.  Tell them about how their service product has improved in order to strengthen the service brand.

Improvements in service are easily overlooked in most service environments.  Why?  Clients make improvements that are sometimes small and sometimes not so small but too often they assume the customer will recognize the improvements.  Sometimes they experience the improvements, which is great.  They may not realize that the improvements were made because the dealer listened to their concerns AND took action.

Sometimes it is good to show off.  With the improvements we have seen in many of our clients it is time to start telling people how great your service really is.

Thanks again!



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