It’s an exciting week of preparation here at The Daniel Group offices. In addition to gearing up for the annual Caterpillar North American Dealer Marketing Association Conference next week, we’re also preparing for a less frequent event at the end of this month: our Quadranscentennial, or, in plain English, our 25th anniversary as a company!

At the Caterpillar conference, we will be located at booth number 9.  The LinkConnect Helpdesk will be open and we have some nifty giveaways, including a backhoe loader*. We are thrilled to be able to attend again and are excited to see all of our clients and friends.  If you’re there, please stop by to see us.

In other news, The Daniel Group is almost 25 years old!  While we’ll publish more formal details about this over the next few weeks, today I’ll to share a couple reflections from a personal perspective.  TDG has been a part of my life since shortly after birth.  This is because I was born into it (for better or for worse!), being the son of TDG founder and president, Lynn Daniel.  One of my earliest memories of company business is going to an interview he had with the local TV news about this wondrous new thing called the World Wide Web, and how it was changing the landscape of business and in particular the training model he taught at that time.  I got shushed a lot that day.  We had a large office in uptown Charlotte, NC, that I would run around in after school and sometimes he would let me play on one of the computers.  TDG has changed much since those days and it has also changed since I have begun working here.  We’ve gone from completing customer loyalty interviews on Excel spreadsheets to recording in real-time thanks to LinkConnect, our cloud based online system.

We couldn’t have gotten here without our clients, friends, and family.  The first 25 years have been great and the next 25 will be even better.  We look forward to all of the new innovations, new clients, and exciting new ways to help measure, manage and improve B2B businesses. Thank you for making our first 25 years amazing!

*The backhoe is actually a toddler toy but it is still a TON of fun!  (Seriously I put this thing together and it is hard not to play with).  



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