A couple of days ago I read an article by McKinsey & Company titled, The Three Cs of Customer Satisfaction: Consistency, Consistency, Consistency written by Alfonso Pulido, Dorian Stone, and John Strevel. As any consistent reader of our blog knows, we love information that shows the power of strong and consistent service delivery. This article immediately piqued my interest.

The article summarizes McKinsey’s most recent consumer customer service survey, which focused on some 27,000 American consumers in 14 different industries.  It breaks the survey down into three fascinating parts.

  1. Customer-journey – Are you continually striving to provide your customers with excellent service?
  2. Emotional – Customer emotion plays a huge factor in satisfaction and loyalty, especially feelings of trust. Building this trust starts and ends with consistency.  Consistently doing what is right by your customer and consistently fulfilling promises made makes customers more trusting and, therefore, more loyal.
  3. Communication  – recognizing the delivery and communication of promises.  Ensuring your customer recognizes that you are fulfilling these promises is extremely difficult.

I find emotional and communication consistency the most fascinating because they are the most closely tied and, seemingly, the most difficult to achieve.

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