Our firm makes over 34,000 phone calls per month as part of our research work.  Needless to say, having both a reliable phone system and phone services are critical to our delivering great customer service to our clients.

Several years ago we replaced our not-yet-ready-to-be-replaced phone system with another one.  The only reason for making the switch was the lack of service from the local dealer.  We selected a new one with some new technology and great service—at least until this week.

We noticed that some of our interviewers were not able to access the VOIP network.  After contacting the data services company and discovering no problems, we contacted the phone equipment provider.  We found out that we had overrun the capacity of our existing system and needed to buy an additional component for the phone system.  We quickly signed off on the purchase but found out it would take two weeks to get the equipment here and installed.  In the meantime, we have new people coming on board who will not be able to work because of this capacity problem.

As I explained to the phone equipment provider, they would have helped us tremendously and provided much better service had they warned us about an approaching capacity constraint. While the issue will get solved it will cause us some problems in the short run.

This is an example of what happens all too often with equipment vendors.  In our case, we did not buy a phone system simply to have a phone system; we bought it to make calls.  Anticipating needs is one of the simplest things you can do to provide memorable and useful customer service. Though this equipment may not have seemed important to some, it is essential to our business.  By simply selling the systems without trying to maintain and anticipate you will very easily miss an easy opportunity to turn a merely contented customer into a loyal customer.

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Lynn Daniel

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