Is Better Customer Service “Breaking Out All Over?”

It is easy to criticize the service we receive.  After all, we certainly experience enough less-than-desirable service to make one biased toward the idea that all service is bad.  I recently noticed three examples of companies trying to improve their service.  In the case of at least one location for one company, service is better. 


Beginning the Celebration: 25 Years and Counting

It’s an exciting week of preparation here at The Daniel Group offices. In addition to gearing up for the annual Caterpillar North American Dealer Marketing Association Conference next week, we’re also preparing for a less frequent event at the end of this month: our Quadranscentennial, or, in plain English, our 25th anniversary as a company!


True Grit: From Prime Ministers to Ball Boys

Last week I wrote about Professor Duckworth’s research on grit and its importance to success (True Grit: What does it take to be Successful).  Grit, in her definition, has two components.  One is an almost single-minded focus on achieving your objectives.  It is not done with simply a desire to getting things done but, rather, a true desire and passion to make things happen (compelling passion).  It is also a willingness to get up, brush one’s self off and keep going even after apparent failure.  What I wish to do in this blog is to ask you to think about leaders who have demonstrated a compelling passion to make things happen and one who was willing to recover from apparent failure.