CX Program Leader Certification

Lead Your Team to More Loyal Customers

We help CX Program Leaders succeed. In our two-day onsite and follow-up sessions, you will learn how to establish or refine your CX program from The Daniel Group experts and your peers. Topics include: How to develop your company’s CX strategy, audit customer touchpoints, engage frontline team members, analyze customer feedback, build a customer-centric culture, and drive continuous improvements.​

Key Features and Benefits
  • Small group training cohorts
  • Set Direction and Build a Strategic Plan
  • Get Buy-In at All Levels of Organization
  • Learn How to Move the CX Needle
  • Build a CX Culture: Drive Clarity, Confidence, Momentum
  • Succeed! – Celebrate and Communicate Progress and Key Wins

  • What is CX and Why Does it Matter?: We go back to the basics of what is CX.  What is the value of remarkable customer experiences? How does it drive business results?
  • Assess Your Current CX Program: Find out where you stand now with your current CX program with our self-assessment. Learn how to conduct a listening tour and starting building your plan.
  • Develop and Refine Your CX Strategy: Learn how define what CX means to your employees, customers, and company and how to develop a plan with Senior Management.
  • Engage the Frontline: Become familiar defining basic performance expectations in all areas, creating opportunities for ongoing CX discussions, utilizing CX tools, and the best ways to communicate results.
  • Audit Customer Touchpoints: Learn how to evaluate all customer touchpoints to identify needed improvements for your overall CX strategy.
  • Conduct a Training Needs Assessment: Using your CX feedback develop a individual and group training needs from managers, frontline, and internal support staff.
  • Utilize Tools for CX Success: Learn best practices in data quality, survey questions, follow ups, reporting, deleting, and division/location goal setting.  Additionally, learn how to utilize TDG as a CX partner to improve your program.
  • Analyze Feedback to Drive Improvements: Learn how to conduct a deeper dive into the customer feedback data to identify overall, location/division trends, comparable benchmarks, and areas needing improvement.

  • The Planning: The CX Self-Assessment will be provided to participants prior to the training.
  • The Training: Our CX Professionals will provide the training.  We will provide a copy of our training presentation used during the sessions and each participant will receive a workbook that will be used during the class.
  • The Follow-Up: Three 90-minute remote follow-up sessions with your cohort. One-hour individual consultation  with Lynn Daniel, CEO, or Doug Fowler, President
  • Daily Schedule:
    • Each day breakfast is at 7 a.m.
    • Day one session is 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    • Day two session is 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    • Lunch and snacks will be provided both days.
  • Attendance for the full duration of session times on both days is required to receive certification; as such, please plan your return travel accordingly.

  • The two-day session will be $3,200 per participant (excluding travel expenses).
  • You will be invoiced upon completion of the engagement, and payment is due 30 days from the invoice date.
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About The Daniel Group

The Daniel Group, formed in 1989, serves more than 80% of all Caterpillar dealers in North America, AGCO, and other heavy equipment dealers and manufacturers with our customer experience feedback programs.

Our array of B2B services includes customer feedback management solutions, employee feedback, CX coaching and training, strategic planning, and market research.

The Daniel Group is led by Founder and CEO Lynn Daniel and Doug Fowler, President and COO.

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