The Good and Bad in B2B Marketing

b2b marketing

Guess what folks? I’M BACK! After a brief hiatus, the man with questionable grammar and curiously conversational writing style has returned.

I was stunned by a terrible commercial the other night. I couldn’t wrap my head around it and for the life of me I couldn’t tell you what they were selling or identify the company (even after extensive Googling).  It fell into the realm of “weirdvertising” which is my made-up word for an ad where the content has nothing to do with the product whatsoever or just makes you pay attention with its sheer oddity. This… ‘thing’ got me pondering the good and bad in commercials or ad campaigns.


Okuma America Corp. Success Story

Ira Busman, Vice President of Customer Service at Okuma America Corporation, shares his experience with The Daniel Group.  According to Ira, “With The Daniel Group’s help, we’re now able to gather customer satisfaction and loyalty data on an ongoing basis, which helps us understand our customers’ needs and decide how best to serve them. We’re grateful for the team’s continued ongoing collaboration and hope our relationship continues to grow.”


Foley Equipment Success Story

A manager at Foley Equipment discusses his experience and what it is like working with The Daniel Group. He also explains how the program has impacted his company and how they view and interact with their customers.


Ohio Cat Success Story

Marty Yuzwa, Six Sigma Manager, Ohio Cat, shares how The Daniel Group is constantly seeking to help Ohio Cat improve their customer experience. Here is Ohio Cat’s Success Story.