Keeping the Experience Alive and Vital

Experience Vitality

Many companies have had a formal customer experience program in place for many years. They have accumulated thousands, and in some cases, hundreds of thousands of interviews. Employees have completed training, and new technologies have been implemented to improve the customer experience. Among our long-time clients, all have a customer experience that is superior to what it was in the past. As I work with these clients, I have had several discussions about how to keep their program both fresh and effective. I want to outline some suggestions that can help keep the feedback component of your program alive and well:


Do Your Customers Trust You?

do your customers trust you

It is a question not often formally asked of customers. The response to this question is assumed. “Customers trust us. Why else would they do business with us?” However, it is a question you should consider asking your customers based on our experiences. Their responses may surprise you and may also make a difference to your company’s bottom (and top) line.

Trust and Loyalty: What’s The Connection?

Intuitively, managers know that it is better to have customers that trust them more than less. Since trust, we think, is derived from experiences customers have with a supplier, I want to identify those areas that are critical to enhancing the level of a customer’s trust in your company.


The B2B Sales Rep.: 3 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

Sales Rep.

With all the talk of social media and its importance in marketing and lead development, sometimes the importance and value of the sales representative in the B-to-B environment are overlooked. This concept was reinforced to me this week while working on a project for a client.

We conduct product delivery surveys for this client, and these surveys are designed to measure customer satisfaction with the product and their sales process. Our client, like many, has a network of dealers that sell and support their products to the end-user. They wanted to know which of the questions on the survey were most strongly correlated with overall satisfaction and likelihood to recommend.


Creating Client Loyalty in a Tough Industry

Client Loyalty

In this blog, I want to share how one company, Carocon Corporation, has created client loyalty in an industry not know for much loyalty.

Carocon Corporation is the fourth largest apartment contractor in the US.  They build over 2,600 apartment units annually.  I have had the privilege of working with the company since early 2000 and currently serve on its board of directors.


Connecting Customer Experience and Your Brand Promise

Customer Experience/ Brand Promise

If your company is looking to strengthen its brand, consider including the customer experience as a key component of your strategy. The customer experience matters, because brands are built on promises made real.

Consciously or subconsciously, your customers compare what your company logos and slogans are saying to what you’re actually doing. If you consistently make good on the promises you make, your brand grows stronger over time.


Easier, Faster, Friendlier: Customer Expectations Are Rising

Customer Expectations

First, I must attribute the idea for the blog to Doug Fowler, our COO. After one particular frustrating service call with a software provider, he came into my office and said “Let’s look for another vendor. It is just too difficult to deal with this company!”His frustration got me thinking about how customer expectations are always changing.