The easy-to-use, customizable Customer Experience web portal

Experience Connect

Developed by The Daniel Group, ExperienceConnect is a secure, robust cloud-based platform that allows you to easily measure, manage and improve your customer experience.

ExperienceConnect gives you a complete 360 view of where your entire organization stands with your customer experience progress as it integrates our three core services – Customer Feedback, Employee Feedback and Lost Customer Management.

Use only what you need

ExperienceConnect can be tailored to your business and budget. Start with one service, such as Customer Feedback, and then add Employee Feedback or Lost Customer Feedback when you’re ready.

Easily access phone and email survey data

Listen to recorded phone calls with customers, read feedback, respond to issues, and track who is doing what across your organization – all in real time.

Measure KPIs important to your business

ExperienceConnect features robust reporting. View improvements to customer service efforts by location or employee engagement. Download data to Excel and save templates for month-to-month reporting.

Integrate with your CRM

Access your data from our secure client login or through your CRM, including SalesForce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and ACT. ExperienceConnect can connect with any application that has an API.

Customize to your needs

Add your branding and logo and create charts and reports based on your business. Easily set user permissions or schedule email survey and call frequency.