The Daniel Group Selected NC State Project Sponsor

The Daniel Group was selected by the Institute of Advanced Analytics as a practicum NC State project sponsor for 2011.  The Institute of Advanced Analytics is a part of NC State University. The practicum is a core component of the MSA curriculum that gives students an opportunity to work together on real-world projects with large amounts of data from industry sponsors.


The Art of Admitting Failure and Creating Balance

The Harvard Business Review has had a series of articles on the importance of creating organizations that are willing to admit failure.  Included in this post is a link to a HBR blog post that I find quite interesting.  There are some great examples of how companies have used failure to fundamentally change and improve their businesses (e.g., Domino’s Pizza and Ford Motor Company).  I want to take a slightly different approach in this blog and talk about creating cultures where there is a healthy balance between looking at failures and successes.