The Evolution of the Service Experience: Cooperation and its Impact on Customer Expectation

Customer Expectation

I cannot say if customer service is, in general, improving or getting worse.  The American Customer Satisfaction Index suggests that customer service improved until mid-2014 but has been trending downward since. It is probably growing in some industries and not in others. Personally, I am occasionally impressed with the service, but the service I receive is “adequate.”  I give talks frequently, and I often start the presentation by asking who can recall a positively memorable service experience in the last few months. Typically, I will see a smattering of raised hands.  If asked about unsatisfactory service experiences, the number of hands raised is usually far larger. Is Customer expectation changing or is consistency slipping?


Observations from a Well Run Convention

MHEDA Convention

I had the good fortune to speak at the annual MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Dealers Association) Convention earlier this week.   I want to share a few observations and things I learned:


How to Respond Effectively to Success


If you found yourself scratching your head about the title of this post, you aren’t alone.  We often hear so much about how to respond effectively to our mistakes and failures but rarely do we hear about what we should do when we succeed.  Yet responding effectively to one success can greatly improve our odds of securing another.


How “Underdogs” Can Use Weaknesses to Win


If your business has weaknesses which are hard to change, don’t try to wish them away.  Instead, use them to clarify and fuel your game plan for success.

Some of your weaknesses may have the potential to be used as strengths, and the rest can be used to sharpen your focus and lull your competitors into a false sense of superiority.


“The Great Experience, But” Problem

Great experience

Is your company missing opportunities by assuming “everything’s fine” with customers who rated their purchase or service experience a 9- or 10-out-of-10?

While all may indeed be well with many of your 9 and 10 customers, a surprising number of them may fall into the “great experience, but” category.


Customer Anger is a Gift: Here’s How to Unwrap It


Getting a call or email from an angry customer is a valuable opportunity for your business, though it may not feel that way at first.

The key to getting the most out of the gift of customer anger is learning how to unwrap it properly.


Customer Feedback: How to Talk to an “8”

Customer Feedback

You receive a customer feedback survey and on the “likelihood to recommend,” question she responded with an “8”.  In the NPS* scoring scheme, she is a passive customer.  When the interviewer asked why she gave the rating, her response was “I do not score higher than that as there is always room for improvement” and the survey comments do not provide any clues about her rating.